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Brief About Egemac

EGEMAC The Egyptian German Electrical Manufacturing co. was established under the law No43 of the year 1974 and the joint investment law no.230 of the year 1989.

  • The real production activities have started since January 1979 through technical cooperation with the best international manufacturer of switchboards at that time (SIEMENS GERMANY)
  • Since that time, our company is still being pioneer in manufacturing Switchboards and control panels for the Egyptian Electricity transmission and distribution networks of different voltage levels from 400 V up to 500 K.V.
  • Our share in the local market is more than 60% with the best quality  & with the most advanced technology of our products.
  • We have a technical cooperation with the most international producers like: Schneider, Alstom, Pfiffner, Siemens, Chint, ASD Electric (x-Elko).
  • Our company has different certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 
  • The total area of the Company is 76.000 square meters with 700 employees.
  • We started with a Capital of EGP 5.5 Million increased in 2004 to EGP 250 Million.

Our Mission

Energy is fundamental to the world’s economy. Providing energy is a challenge. We must do it safely throw our team work with a responsible manner while saving health & environment and with the best quality.

Our Vision

We aim to stay the leader electrical company in Egypt, to enter new markets, diversify our activities & always to satisfy our customer.

Board of Directors

Organization Structure

Company Structure

Our company has fully stuff with so many categories of graduation, we have experienced engineers, administrators,accountants & technicians. We are working throw a team work to provide you electrical equipment with high quality and competitive price.

Why Us

    Due to high technicality of electrical equipment industry we are highly concerned with the qualifications of the employees or personnel. Accurate selection, providing sufficient training, social Care, promotions are some of the features in preserving the consistence, staff of EGEMAC.

    As we have a long experience in the manufacture of electrical equipment for more than 45 year, we experience our engineers & technicians with highly distinctive expertise.

    We are always interested in training them in the latest global systems either inside or outside Egypt.