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EGEMAC started its core business in 1979 by a capital of five million Egyptian pound. After eight years, the capital of the company increased to be thirty million pounds. In order to increase the productivity, EGEMAC had to double its capital in 2003 to reach sixty millions. Finally, since 2004 up till now the capital of EGEMAC is two hundred and fifty million pounds. EGEMAC increases its capital to satisfy the market requirements and to reach the largest .


EGEMAC aims to extend its sale statistics in the market so it started studying the requirements requested by the customers to compete in the market. EGEMAC has a big market share in the Egyptian market. For four consecutive years from 2010 till 2014, the total sales turnover of EGEMAC reached 1270 million. In 2015, there was an administrative amendment in the company structure to improve the performance of the company and to add new departments like the marketing department to focus on the market need and fulfill the customers’ need. After this amendment, the total sales turnover increased to reach 1600 million and EGEMAC is looking forward to increasing its sales turnover more and more through its staff and teamwork.