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EGEMAC has established many projects inside and outside Egypt hoping to find solutions for different sectors to satisfy the needs of the customers through a variety of internationally-licensed products. We do not only participate with the utility sector in the substation turnkey projects, but also we perform projects with the private sector through modernization of many substations in Egypt. It’s noteworthy to mention that we are the only company in Egypt that has a licence with two European companies (Schneider and Siemens) in medium voltage. We realise the importance of increasing our market share so we target different sectors in various fields to reach the customer’s satisfaction. We are looking forward to joining new markets and finding solutions for all categories relying on a remarkable reference list of our projects.

Utility sector

EGEMAC deals with all the governmental distribution companies (North Cairo, South Cairo, Upper Egypt, Middle Egypt, North Delta, South Delta and El-Behera). We are certified by all of these companies as a supplier of our products (switchgears, ring main unit, compact substations, capacitor banks and instrumental transformers) in their projects.

Private sector

When people hear the name of EGEMAC, they think that we deal with utility only, however, we recognised the need of the private sector to us. Thus, we studied the market and the required specs to satisfy this market and gain the loyalty of the private sector customers. Our company has an experienced staff that is capable of participating with the private customers. Nowadays we deal with all sectors like: contractors, consultant offices and urban communities.

Customer Listing

Electricity Sector
Public sector
Private sector
New Urban Communities Authority:
  • 1 -BEIT ELWATAN" Mega project
  • 2 -16th District Badr City
  • 3 -26th District 10th of Ramadan
  • 4 -15th of May City
  • 5 -New Sohag City