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The low voltage products in EGEMAC produced by CHINT-EGEMAC our joint venture company with Chint Company the leading company in low voltage switchgears 
(MCC, MDB and pillars ….etc)  
NGC8 is a multi-function of modular switchgear assemblies for application which required a high level of dependability like 
(Oil & Gas, Chemical / petrochemical, Power Station, Water Treatment, Mining, steel and infrastructure …….)
The NXP Series are manufactured in accordance with IEC60439-1 in two types wall mounted or floor mounted. They are suitable for the installation devices and circuit breakers up to 630A with degree of protection IP 42 and IP 54.  
The NXP Series low-voltage control boxes are used for main and secondary distribution of electrical energy in practically all fields 
(factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels…….etc.)

Low Voltage Products

Control Box (NXP-DB)
Control Box (NXP-DB)
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