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Quality Control:

To enhance customer satisfaction and to demonstrate ability to consistently provide product to meet customer and standard requirements, our company has a quality control department responsible for investigation, inspection, testing in all stages of all materials, substances, and instruments which compose the products through all different stages of production.

Also routine, final tests and commissioning are quality control responsibility.

The procedures of quality control and quality assurance are based on specific measures following IEC Specifications and customer requirements.

To improve customer relations by providing quality product & service, our company implemented:

  • - ISO 9001 for quality management system.
  • - ISO 14001 for environmental management system.
  • - OHSAS 18001 for health & safety.

Our company is equipped with the following laboratories:

1-Calibration lab:

  • to assure the accuracy of equipment and measuring devices by calibration according to predetermined program

2- Investigation lab:

  • This includes the necessary instruments for investigation and testing of materials according to the relevant international standards

3-Switchboards lab:

  • It is equipped with the most recent developed instruments for carrying out the routine test of the distribution panels and substation equipment including control and protection systems of the ring-main units

4- Circuit breakers testing lab:

  • it is equipped with new equipments for testing circuit for testing circuit breakers and disconnector of voltage 11,12,66,220KV.Tests are carried out according to predetermined measures and the IEC standards .

5- Instrument transformer testing lab:

  • To test current and voltage transformers of different voltages up to 66KV to have the full satisfaction of our customers and according to the IEC standards.
    • We perform all routine tests in all our factories for all clients before shipping the products to the site.

Contact Info:

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