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To achieve our targets by increasing the local portion in high-voltage substations. EGEMAC signed a joint venture agreement with XD Company ( one of the leading manufactures of electric products in china) to establish an industrial park in Ain Sokhna (SUEZ) for the production of power transformers up to 500 kv GIS switchgears 66/220/500 kv capacitors and surge arresters.

The tentative name of the joint venture company is XD-EGEMAC High-voltage Electric Equipment CO.Ltd The plant will be the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa and it will cover an area of 276000 square meters.

EGEMAC Share by (49%) and China XD Share by (51%) of the total capital.

In July 2012 the factory has been evaluated by a committee from the high level experts of The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) and they recommended that: We would like to express our utmost appreciation towardsXD-EGEMAC factory for assembling GIS switchgears in Egypt which is similar to international factories abroad. Then XD-EGEMAC can participate in EETC'S tenders.

Their offer will subject to technical evaluation according to each tender conditions.

Following to that XD-EGEMAC won the following contracts:

  • Ain Sokhna Generation S/S 500 KV (GIS) (Erection)
  • Abu-ghaleb S/S 220 KV (GIS) (Erection)
  • EL-Mattar S/S 220/66 KV (GIS) (Erection and testing)
  • Damietta S/S (extension) 66KV (GIS) (Delivery-Erection-testing)
  • Banha S/S 220/66/11 KV (GIS) (Turn Key)
  • Benban (Four S/S) 220/22/22 KV (GIS) ( Turn Key)

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