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        Technical Cooperation

     *   International


 Since the  early stages of  EGEMAC activities It

 follows the  international  cooperation  with  the

 scientific  institutions    and societies which  are

 dealing  with  the Research  and   Development

 of electrical equipment  such as :

  • The International Electro technical Commission


  • The International Council on large Electric

           Systems       CIGRE

  • The International Council on Electric Distribution Systems


  • The World Energy Conference



            *  Local

   EGEMAC Cooperates with   the research   and

   development departments of the Egyptian utilities

   of the  Ministry of electricity to obtain the   most

   reliable operation of EGEMAC products under the

   severe   operation    conditions    of       electrical

   networks .

   EGEMAC is participating with the national Author-

   -ity for standardization  in developing  the national

   standards of the Electrical equipment industry.

  The scientific  societies, the  technical  collages,

   the  Engineering Faculties , the  Research centers

  , etc in Egypt are cooperating with  EGEMAC   in

    the fields  of  its  activities  with  joint research

    projects    in      developing       improving     the

    performance  of   EGEMAC products

      Long History Of Technology


 At  the  early  stages o  EGEMAC  foundation  the

  highly    developed    German    technologies   of

  SIEMENS  AG   were   used  in    manufacturing 

   the  medium   voltage   Switchboards  and   their

   electrical   equipment.  EGEMAC  succeeded   to

  have another   agreement  with   AREVA CO.  for

   using its advanced Technology  in manufacturing

   the 72.5&245KV switchgear  Also  EGEMAC has

    an  agreement  to use   the   Swiss technologies

  of  PFIFFNER CO.  in  manufacturing    instrument

  transformers for 12 ,24 and  72.5 KV   levels ..



EGEMAC Factories and main building

are occupying  50,000 square meter

at  El-kablat street very  near  to   El-

-MATARIA   Square    in  the   North-

Eastern part of Cairo Near Heliopolis

More than25% of this area  is Green

EGEMAC  applies strictly the envir-

-onmental     Laws    ( locally     and  Internationally).          The layout  of  EGEMAC is  illustrated in details in the Map Shown herewith





 1- Manufacturing & Assembly :  

  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels

      *  Motor Control Centers (MCC)

      *  Protection and control Panels

      *  Battery charging Units .

      *  Distribution Cabinets .

  • Medium Voltage Distribution    Panels Up To 24KV

      *  Switchboards .

      *  Ring Main Units.

      *  Measuring Transformers

                (cast Resin ).

      *  Insulators (cast Resin).

      *  Vacuum Circuit Breakers.

      *  Load Break Switches 


  • High Voltage

     * Circuit Breakers SF6 ( Spring


     *  Disconnectors.

     *  Measuring Transformers

            (oil insulated).


2- Turnkey Projects:

   * High voltage substations.

   * Switching Stations.

   * Medium voltage projects .

   * Rehabilitation and upgrading of

       existing  projects.




Share Holders

Investment in affiliates and sister Co.

The Links:

EGEMAC was established  in com-

-pliance with the  law No.43 of the

year    1974    and   then   the  joint

 investment law no.230 of the year 

 1989 was applied .The real produ-

-ction    activities    started     since

 January1979 in complete technical

 cooperation with  the best interna-

-tional manufacturers of switchgear 

 at that time(SIEMENS AG GERMANY

Since that time, EGEMAC is  still  the

pioneer locally in manufacturing the

Switchgear and  control  gear for

 the Egyptian ElectricityTransmission

  and Distribution Networks of diffe-

-rent  voltage levels  from  400 V

up to 245 KV.The share of EGEMAC

 in  the local   market  is  more  than

 60%For the sake of the Best quality

with  the most advanced technology

of   our  Products ,  EGEMAC has  a

 technical cooperation with the most

 international  producers like AREVA

 International ,  PFIFFNER


  • Egyptian Electricity    51.33%

        Holding Company (EEHC)

  • The National Company 24.5%

        For Construction and

        Development (N.C.C.D)

  • Rural Electrification      10 %

         Authority (REA).

  • Misr Company for         5  %

        mechanical and electrical

       projects (KAHROMICA)

  • E-Nasr transformer      4.5%

        & electrical product Co


  • Siemens Company      2.84 %

    (Munich and Berlin , Germany)

  • EGEMAC                     1.83%
EGEMAC contributes in the capital of  other

electrical    industries companies  with   the

following shares.


  • 79% of The El-Nasr transformers and    electrical products   Co.  (ELMACO)

       For distribution transformer up to 24KV

       and power transformer up to 40MVA-


  • 49% XD-EGEMAC Join venture company

         for manufacturing Power Transformer &

                   GIS Equipments

  • 11.3% of the Egyptian company for manufacturing electrical insulators


  • 10% Of The African for mechanical and electric projects in

               Arab Republic Of LIBYA

  • 5% of the design and manufacturing

        Co . for investment equipment


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