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We provide products, service & solutions with high quality to obtain the respect and the loyalty of our customers. We use our expertising pioneering spirit to deliver energy everywhere.

We can be different through our people, our team who insist to satisfy customer and arrive to sustainable development, we hope to go outside & reach african & arab market.

In the huge development of our company and the determined effort of its entire staff, we have awarded several contracts in the field of high, medium & low voltage products.

We are looking forward to work with any company or entity inside or outside Egypt through our expertise, good reputation & high quality products by using advanced technology in the field of manufacturing electrical products.

Recently the Egyptian State is depending in its strategic development plans and its ambitious huge projects on all specialized companies. Due to the effective role of our company, we cooperate with private sector companies, consulting offices, New Urban Communities Authority, Egyptian armed forces, oil & gas….etc Our company has all capabilities, staff, CNC machines with the latest technological equipment and products to cooperate with all sectors in terms of quality, fast delivery and competitive prices to guarantee timely implementation of all projects.


Our journey begins with transmitting the power to you through our substations that spread all over the Republic.

We put our greatest effort and focus into our work to make sure that you get the best service you deserve.

We gladly deliver power to you with outstanding care for the best performance of your devices and appliances.

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